urimat® international


- Invention of the hydrostatic stench trap insert

1998 - Registration of worldwide patents:
- hydrostatic stench trap insert
- bowl shape
- advertising display
- brand name URIMAT
- foundation URIMAT Holding AG

2001 - First production run with injection-moulded process

2002 - More than 1500 URIMAT urinals sold in Switzerland
(McDonald's, Stadion Basle and Geneva, Credit Suisse Group)
- URIMAT Deutschland AG moves to Hundsangen

2003 - First advertising campaign on URIMAT info displays
(Swisscom, Bluewin, Nokia, Disney, Masterfood)

2004 - Successful cooperation with important strategic key accounts
(Mövenpick, Messe Basel, Autogrill, Tank&Rast, Burger King, McDonald's Europe egg)

2005 - A change of the board of directors
- start international expansion
- Ecoline product launch (without electricity)

2006 - URIMAT® Switzerland moves into their new building in Feldbach

2007 - Foundation URIMAT Media
- WaterWise Award, UK
- DesignBuild Award, Sydney, Australia
- Construmat Award, Barcelona, Spain
- URIMAT Compactline and MB ActiveCube product launch

2008 - EXPO 2008 Saragossa (Spain) saved millions of litres of drinking water with URIMAT
- So far URIMAT saved 10,000,000,000 litres of water and saved our customers over US$30,000,000