Environmental Protection


URIMAT is taking care of it

We are very aware that drinking water is becoming an ever rarer and thus more expensive resource right in South Africa as it
is becoming across the globe. With this fact in mind, we have tasked ourselves with treating this resource responsibly and with

Léman Imports PTY and URIMAT are making a valuable
contribution to the protection of our environment.

Did you know that a single urinal consumes 100,000 litresof water in one year?
The URIMAT urinals currently in use are already saving well over 4,000,000,000 litres of water per year. And this figure is still growing…

In addition to this we are also placing value on working with recyclable raw materials. Thus, all materials used by URIMAT are environmentally friendly and simple to dispose of. For example, our plastic bowls are manufactured using much less energy than that required to produce conventional ceramic bowls. And they can be recycled without difficulty.

No chemicals are required to keep the local environment clean and hygienic. Our urinals require no artificial additives such as sealing liquids or aggressive chemical cleaning agents. The URIMAT MB ActiveCleaner works on a biological level and has no actual impact on the environment.