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Hygienic? Completely!

The contact-free system guarantees hygienic operation. There are no parts requiring servicing and the special patented shape
ensures no splashing. The installation of urinals from URIMAT reduces contamination of the immediate surrounding area by two thirds.

Effortless cleaning!
The special bowl design has no rims and surfaces behind which bacteria and deposits can accumulate. The bowl is injection-moulded and has none of the standard hiding places for bacteria (such as the rinsing channel). Our cleaning instructions explain the cleaning process clearly and in
just a few steps. The URIMAT MB ActiveCleaner is an effective solution in the elimination of soiling, bacteria and odours both around the urinal rim and beyond.
No water = no odours!
To a considerable extent unpleasant toilet odours are the result of organic material decomposing as a result of attacks by bacteria. However, this bacteria is only able to survive with the aid of our drinking water. Healthy urine is in fact sterile and free from germs when it is not combined with water, meaning that the installation of a URIMAT urinal will eliminate unpleasant odours.

The patented siphon seals the odours in the canal and prevents it from escaping, thus keeping the odour levels well below the maximum defined in legislation requirements – all this without sealing liquid or extensive technology.

Urine scale deposits are a thing of the past!
Urine scale only forms when urine is exposed to salts and other matter within water, meaning that a urine scale build-up becomes a thing of the past with URIMAT. No water, no urine scale!